Recenter and refresh yourself and your business - with quarterly business check-in must do's

If you're anything like me, you might find yourself constantly wondering how time is speeding by so fast.

Despite how hectic things seem, it is imperative to set aside time to refocus, recenter, and refresh ourselves and our businesses.

| Try asking yourself some these questions to refocus your goals for the quarter ahead . . .

1. What were my goals at the start of this quarter - and where am I in comparison to them? Goals aren't set in stone, things change! Do your goals need to adjust to fit your business' needs, be open to all opportunities.

2. Is there something I've been doing lately - like a writing project, business project, or other commitment - that's not feeling "right" anymore? Does this project still align with my goals? Do I need to keep doing it? What would happen if I just stopped?

3. What's something I'm sick of hearing myself say, over and over? - "I really need to start ... " or "I really need to stop spending too much time scrolling on social media... " or "Seriously, for real, this week I will set aside time to start a workout routine... " We put so much time into what our foremost priorities seem to be. Is it time to pause or push a deadline to catch-up on yourself? You are equally as important as your business, and setting aside time to take care of yourself is vital for our health. Remember, you can't pour from your cup if it's empty.

4. Should I be - reallocating resources to further my progress and ability to hit my goals? Do you need more IT investment? Do you need another expert at the table? Is hiring a virtual assistant to help with daily tasks taking up too much time an option?

5. Are there ways I can - optimize my current workload? Can you start scheduling your social media posts? Could you start using Canva templates so you're not spending hours doing graphic design work be beneficial?

The end of a quarter is the perfect time to pause and take a step back. Take a moment to reflect on all you have accomplished, and where you are now compared to the beginning of the quarter. And don't forget to check in on yourself too!

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