As a business owner, you strive to make a good first impression, and your color palette plays a vital role in building that impression for your brand.

The influence of colors in marketing is undeniable. A seemingly simple choice - Color, Pantone, Hue, etc. impacts the ways in which a business is seen by potential clients. When designing the branding and logo of your business, color selection is a key element.

Brand color psychology is the influence of color to determine how we perceive a brand. Color evokes feeling and incites emotion. Strategic use of colors can help your brand to be portrayed and viewed how you choose. Different colors families impose different meanings in the market.

For instance, red tones tend to have several positive and negative connotations such as power, strength, excitement, danger, and warning. The primary color choice a brand makes sends a clear message to the world without them knowing anything about the brand. Color can be used to help build a strong, relatable brand, and to use color meanings to better attract and connect to your ideal customer.

| Today we are highlighting PANTONE 19-4052 CLASSIC BLUE

Stability, harmony, peace, calm, and trust are just some of the feelings you may feel about your brand when you integrate blue hues into your branding. Classic blue’s color relates closely to the sky at dusk. This color is something we see every day, and it maintains a perception of dependability and constancy. Blue tones are colors we respond to viscerally as being trustworthy, and PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is an ideal shade for many applications in graphic design. Likewise, this is especially true for product packaging, where PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue conveys a message of credibility and reliability today’s consumers are connecting to.

It is no coincidence that at The Brandwell Studio we have chosen to include blue in our branding. With calming blues, clean white tones, and imagery of calming water - we hope to evoke a sense of overall relaxation and Zen feeling. You love your business and designing decisions should be a calming not stressful experience. Brandwell’s “be-well” mantra highlights that we want to cultivate a mindset of being well and overall wellness when it comes to your brand.

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